Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Vlog Challenge Mad about the boy and Bridget

So I decided to have a go at the #Vlogchallenge hosted by Kate and Nickie this week, well actually this is last weeks topic but I've still been in and out of hospital and it's about books so I've given it a go jope you all enjoy! it's about me catching up with the rest of the world by finally reading the new Bridget Jones book.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Under pressure - part 2

So I was called into the hospital yesterday to have a lumbar puncture as they want to see how high the pressure of my cerebral fluid is and also to confirm my diagnosis of intercranial hypertention.

The first attempt to do the LP failed and it made me feel as sick as a dog, it wasn't pleasant at all and it hurt quite a lot, my heart sank when they said they would be keeping me to try again tomorrow.

It was a very long noisy night in hospital and every time I fell asleep I was woken up either to have my obs done, or to move me to a different part of the ward. Finally I fell asleep but I did not feel refreshed, hospital must be the only place where you go to rest and get better but it's not physically possible.

Here I am writing in my hospital bed after another 2 failed LP attempts and my back is so very very sore, I got upset after the third failed attempt and cried like a baby, a weeks worth of worry, stress and pain came out in big hearty sobs.

The new plan of action is that I'm starting my meds tonight to reduce the pressure in my fluid, staying in while they monitor me and in the morning I'm back to eye hospital to check my eyes for any damage due to my swollen optical disks and then I can go home!!!!!

But I'm being referred to another hospital that deals with neurology so I can have the dreaded LP again.......I've told them they will need to knock me out because I'm not going through that pain ever again.

Onwards and upwards and hoping I will get better soon and I'm out of any danger of damaging my sight. 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Canvas Holidays Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont, Berny Rivière Review

Having a large family and taking a holiday is always a tricky process. Booking at hotels can be difficult, you either need to get two separate rooms to hold you all in, or if that isn't possible you try to find a hotel that has larger rooms but it might not be where you wanted it. Self catering for my family has always been the easiest option with a villa or a caravan so when I was able to go and see what Canvas Holidays had to offer for a larger family I was very interested.

I travelled down with four other lovely bloggers Kate, Nadine, Mark and Amanda we had a fantastic time.

The Journey

We went to the Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont, Berny Rivière resort which is a short journey from Paris, we travelled from St Pancreas station with South Eastern railway to Dover which was a pleasant,very fast journey and then we boarded a DFDS Seaways ferry to Dunkirk. The weather for the crossing was glorious and it is certainly a very relaxing way to start a holiday.

The Accommodation

I stayed in one of Canvas Holidays deluxe lodges that are exclusive to this site. The lodges range from 3 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms. I was in the 4 bedroom lodge which can hold up to 10 people.

There is a master bedroom which has the very nice balcony, another double bedroom, a twin bedroom and a room with bunk beds. The stairs have a baby gate at the top and bottom for added safety when staying with younger children, I loved this feature and got a big thumbs up from me.
The kitchen was spacious with an open plan lounge and dining room, a lovely private deck with a large picnic table overlooking a large private garden with plenty of parking space. This is a fantastic size for a large family of 7 like mine, the kitchen equipment was copious with all mod cons, even a dishwasher!

I had the lake side view deluxe lodge which when I woke up every morning I got to look at the site's beautiful grounds.

On site activities and facilities

There is plenty to do here with various children's clubs, hiring pedalos on the lake, trampolines, swimming and many many more activities. There are plenty of free activities and the pools are open until 7pm, there are other costs for some of the activities but I know most children would spend their time splashing the hours away.

Food and Drink

There are three restaurants on site, a beach bar, bistro and a takeaway type where you can get food to take back to your lodge. There is a BBQ provided with the lodge so I would be spending my evening cooking on that and probably have the last night at the beach bar where the children could play in water and the sand whilst we enjoyed dinner. The Bistro has set menus ranging from 18 to 26 Euros a head, the drinks are around 4 euros a pint so it could easily add up to quite an expense if you went there every night. There is a lovely village not far from the site that has a bakery and a small supermarket that is very reasonable so my top tip would be to buy from there and stock up the lodge.


The shop and bakery on-site is reasonable and produces the most mouth wateringly delicious pastries you will ever taste, our breakfasts consisted of pastry which is the thing to do in France yum!

Day trips

We went to Disneyland Paris for the day, the site offers a minibus service to the park so you can unleash your inner child and embrace the wonder of Disney. We braved the Tower of Terror..........it was super scary but amazing!!!!

Conclusion and Prices

The Camping la Croix du Vieux Pont, Berny Rivière site is glorious, it is a busy site but with the deluxe lodge I felt like you would have sufficient privacy to enjoy your holiday. My only negative of the site was the occasional waft of drains near the pool areas, this is common problem whilst abroad and I know I've experienced that in other places. The Deluxe lodge with a Lakeside view will set you back around £800 in term time and up to £1100 in peak times for a week, if you go as a group or with another family the price divided by each member is not a lot for the quality of the accommodation you will have. Ferry crossings are from £24 each way and we hired a minibus for the transfer.

Would I recommend this place?

Yes I would, it is fantastic for large families. lots to do, plenty of facilities and is close to other places to visit, the food is excellent and I am looking to go with my family and my parents next year. 

Friday, 4 July 2014

Under Pressure

It has been a crazy week.


I phone the GP to make an appointment about my annoying migraines, I had a terrible migraine three weeks ago that had me bedridden and the aura from it had not left me. Numbness in the right side of my face, tingling up and down the right side of my body, flashing lights in front of my eyes and to top all that off bouts of dizziness and nausea. On top of this I've had a visual distortion since January that causes straight lines to kink in the middle......it is so very annoying but I am currently waiting for further investigations by the eye hospital.


Go to the GP's appointment and moan about everything, she goes to print off my prescription for some new drugs but changes her mind and decides to have a look in eyes. My optical disks were very swollen apparently and she phones Tameside hospital and I'm sent there immediately - great.

11:45am I arrive with my letter
5:00pm I get moved the the observation ward
6:00pm a doctor tells me I have migraines throws some drugs at me and says I can go home. I tell him that I haven't come to A&E with migraines and that my GP sent me here because the backs of my eyes are swollen, he dismisses it, doesn't look in my eyes and leaves.
6:30pm tired and upset I complain to the nurse that I don't understand why the doctor has not checked my eyes, she passes on my worries and tells me it's a shift change and another doctor will be back soon.
01:00am The doctor arrives, he doesn't know how to use the scope to look in my eyes, then he works it out and declares that he isn't the best with eyes and discharges me.
01:30am My Dad picks me up from outside A&E and I'm confused and very very tired.

After eventually getting to sleep at around 3am I wake up feeling dreadful, the tingling in my face is horrid and my head is pounding, hubs takes me to the Manchester Eye Hospital A&E department as they deal with all eye emergencies.

9:30am we check in, it is super busy and we settle for a long wait.
11:30am I'm triaged by a lovely nurse and I have to wait for more investigations
1:00pm I'm given drops to numb my eyes and a nurse practitioner spends a very long time examining my eyes, then my obs are taken and I'm told to come back at 5pm as I need to see the doctor but they are not in until 5, satisfied that I'm being cared for at last I pop home pick up the kids from school and settle them at my parents house, hubs and I pop back to the eye hospital.
5:00pm it is so very busy still and prepare for a long wait.
8:40pm The doctor calls me and finally tells me what is going on, my optical disks are very swollen and around my optical nerves, it's a condition called Idiopathic Intercranial Hypertension, which basically means the pressure in my cerebral fluid is too high and it's putting pressure on my optical nerves, which if not reduced can permanently damage my vision - holy shit balls.
9:00pm I'm panicking, the doctor wants to admit me to the Manchester Royal infirmary for a lumbar puncture to confirm the diagnosis. The doctor in charge speaks to me and says they have no beds but sends me home saying they will contact me to come in and have it done tomorrow.
10:00pm I drink all the rum in the house and go to sleep.


9:00am school run done I watch my phone and like a pot watched it doesn't ring.
11:00am nothing
12:00pm nothing
01:00pm nothing, no call and I've drank my body weight in tea
02:00pm I phone the hospital like the nagging patient that I am, bad news, they don't even have any record of me needing any treatment, no-one knows who I spoke to, but they will phone me back - I'm absolutely gutted, the worry about all this is exhausting.
03:00pm A lovely lady doctor calls me to tell me there has been a change of plan, they want to do a scan on my head to check I don't have any blood clots in my brain and if that is clear they will do the lumbar puncture and then start treatment. But the hospital has no room for me to be admitted, no beds and no appointments for the scan, so I'll get a letter in the post with an appointment.........
04:00pm I'm worried to be honest, there is something wrong with me and I want it treated so I can get on with my life but with blood clot threats running around my mind I'm super stressed and frankly fed up.
04:30pm lovely lady from the scan department calls me to say they can fit me in Monday 09:45.
08:00pm I go to band practice and try to forget everything for a few hours.

I feel dreadful, tired, headachy, dizzy you name it.

I hope on Monday I get some answers and the news that I have no blood clots, I have absolutely had enough of hospitals and their lack of communication, but here's to getting better one way or the other.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Feeling faint

Yesterday I received the phone call that no parent wants to hear.......

School flashed up on my mobile and I always get that pang of nerves to what it could be about.

This time my anxiety was correct,

"Mrs Sheridan I don't want to alarm you too much but we've had to call an ambulance for your 6yo, she went pale, went blue then collapsed, we tried to get her up again but she collapsed again"

I assured the teacher I would be on my way, at that moment in time I had just about put one toe into the bath so I made a very hasty streak across the landing and got dressed as fast as possible.

Arriving at the school my little on was lying on the grass, white as a sheet and very upset, I cuddled her and waiting with the worried teachers as the ambulance arrived.

Thankfully all her stats were perfect but we were took into A&E to be checked over, all was fine and because it was a hot day the Dr believes she had a little touch of heat exhaustion and fainted.

We were very happy that there was nothing seriously wrong and my hubs drove us home and I had a pink vodka to settle my nerves!!!!

I have spent far too many hours in that hospital recently, I might have to ask them for my own private parking space!!!

But most importantly my 6yo is fine but I will be keeping a extra close eye on her when it is hot.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Online perfection

Life is hard......yep I said it.

We're all filled with the notion of perfect happy couples, the perfect wedding, the blissful honeymoon, then the perfect conception, the best pregnancy and the most easy peaceful birth. Then the best baby that sleeps all night, the toddler that is polite and can write its name by 2, the high achiever at primary school that does all the after school activities that you could fit in a week, whilst you as a couple are still in marriage bliss fresh from a Thomson holiday advert.

Some people probably have that life and that must be great, but the rest of us that probably sit at the kitchen table most mornings discussing which bill to pay and asking each other if they had cleaned the toilet find perfection in different things.

I mean where in the marriage handbook does it say that bad patches are normal and the urge to suffocate your spouse and dispose of them under the decking can happen when wet towels are constantly left on the bed?

What happens when you're both that exhausted that the best bit of couple time you get is watching the TV whilst eating malteasers?

I can hear you all now "good lord, this women needs to get a life, she needs to stop being bitter, my husband and I have the perfect relationship and we are nothing like that"

But you know what? I like the truth, I like to hear when one of my friends is ignoring their husband because they ate the last cookie, I want to hear about their rows about money and being just about able to stretch to pay the mortgage, I love to read about that sex is now scheduled in when one or both people are not desperately trying to keep their eyelids open after the kids have gone to bed.

Social media has made the need to have the perfect life even more noticeable, but what is a perfect life?

Do you know what my idea of perfect morning would be?

Mine would be getting up, having breakfast with the family and taking a lovely long stroll on the beach, sun shining, wind blowing, jumping the waves and walking back with wet trousers and sand in my toes.

The strive for perfection online is exhausting, one glance at my twitter this morning was enough for me to switch off, Facebook is the same, where have all the real people gone?

Is online happiness now the only way people are content?

I believe in carving out your own road in life and that is way I am, I'm not going to strive for the ideology of perfection because to me being true to yourself is the only way life can be perfect.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Complaining about harassment

During the half term holidays I found out that one of my daughters has had an issue with a child in her class. 

To put it bluntly this classmate was talking to her about sexual activities, swearing constantly around her and this was on a daily basis.

I was upset, one because this classmate had filled her mind with activities that no young girl needs to even think about at her age, and two, that instead of asking me about it she had tried to research it herself.

Now she's a clever girl and researching is something I do all the time but I was devastated to find out what terms she had been searching for, in my mind her childhood has been obliterated by some classmate who thinks it's big and clever to act like a prick.

I've done the birds and bees talk, I've done the period explanation and I've always said that any of them can talk to me about ANYTHING, I'm no prude I want my children to talk to me about sex, about relationships, anything, but finding out about this left me feeling like a failure, like I'd failed my daughter from keeping her away from things that should not even be entering her mind yet.

She was upset, upset that this classmate had been making her feel uncomfy, upset that I'd seen what she'd tried to look at, I was upset, it was horrible.

I gave her a long and heartfelt chat about the importance of not worrying about telling us anything that she felt uncomfortable with, I sat down in the evening numb.

I know they will hear things at school that they shouldn't but I really felt like I'd failed, they've gone back to school this week and first job on the agenda was to tell the school. This classmate had also been doing the same to another classmate, confidentially was key, but not to the school and the outcome is that the events have been denied and the classmate has a cross mother who was demanding my contact details.

Now I know I wouldn't want any of my children to be accused of anything and I would be defensive too but I would have preferred to have been kept anonymous, the school says the classmate knows who has complained which says to me they know they have done wrong.

Moving on I'm waiting for some women to lynch me in the playground, which she can do, because I will stand my ground and I will show my daughter that complaining about being harassed should not be something to worry about. 

I will show her that standing up and telling someone that their behaviour is wrong is ok.

I will show her that her mother can be strong and that I and her father will stand up to those who think that intimidation can be tolerated and ignored.

I was bullied as a child, it was horrible and I have to honest when the school told me that this parent wanted my phone number I was worried, I returned to thinking like I did at school where I just wanted to keep my head down and carry on.

But you know what I don't want my children growing up to feel like they have to tolerate abuse, bullying, inappropriate behaviour or injustice.

I will face my demons for my daughter, I will tell this parent happily to fuck off if she wants to approach me and acuse my daughter of lying because we have done nothing wrong, 

complaining about things is not wrong,

standing up for yourself is not wrong,

but I still feel a little numb, I still feel like I've failed, but in time I hope that will pass and everything can go back to being happy at school.